"The Robeys" are a variety music duo based in Reno, Nevada. Buford and Shirley Robey have been performing together for over twenty years in various formats ranging from an acoustic duo to a full sized electric band. They play a mixture of everyone's favorite classic rock, oldies, top 40, blues, jazz, reggae and country songs, from the 1930's to the present. This includes a selection of low volume dinner music when appropriate. With Buford Robey on guitar and vocals and Shirley Robey on bass, flute and vocals accompanied by tastefully programmed keyboards and/or drums "The Robeys" deliver punchier rhythms, bigger sounds and more exciting performances than groups twice their size. They perform their music with charm and expertise, making it easy just to sit back, listen and enjoy or to get up and dance, depending on the needs of the moment. With their extensive repertoire The Robeys enjoy being able to answer requests and play something for everyone. Their natural rapport with one another coupled with their ability to have fun on stage and engage their audience, make them a popular, sought after act. Doing a first rate job tops their list of commitments. In recent years Buford and Shirley have also been leading a dynamic band called "Retroactive", performing as a trio or a four piece band, adding a drummer and/or a keyboard player, percussionist or sax player, depending on the job requirements. Be sure to check out one of their energetic, musical, fun-filled shows.
Buford & Shirley Robey "unplugged"
click on picture for link to videos of Less Is More

Buford & Shirley Robey "unplugged" click on picture for link to videos of Less Is More